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Vampire Diaries- the last two episodes

3 Jun

I just finished catching up on Vampire Diaries, including the season finale! I’m not sure how I ever managed to fall behind because this show is a-maze-ing.

At first, I was really confused why they chose to end the season with episode 22 instead of episode 21. “The Sun Also Rises” felt like a season finale all in itself and it was far more action-packed and intense than the actual finale. PLUS, the final scene (see below) was…phenomenal, artistic, gorgeous, symbolic- take your pick.

But upon further consideration, it makes sense why they added a 22nd episode. Had they ended with “The Sun Also Rises” the only cliff hanger would have been whether or not Damon would survive the wolf bite, which we all know isn’t really a cliff hanger at all. There is no way they would kill off one of the three main characters. A season finale is required to leave us with unanswered questions so daunting that the prospect of waiting 4 months for the next season makes us claw out our hair. Episode 21 lacked those daunting questions but episode 22 certainly didn’t.

1. Has Stefan really gone to the dark side??

2. What are Klaus’ plans for Stefan?

3. Is Jeremy seeing ghosts or has he just gone insane? If he is seeing ghosts, can he see all ghosts or is his new power limited to dead girlfriends?

4. Will his ability to see Vicki and Anna ruin Jeremy’s relationship with Bonnie (who, in case you’ve forgotten, just admitted she’s in love with him)?

5. Is Alaric going to move in to the Gilbert house and start playing dad to Elena and Jeremy?

6. Now that Elena has finally admitted her feelings for Damon, will they start dating?

7. Am I terrible for wishing Elena would choose Damon over Stefan?

The Fringe Season Finale is Coming!

4 May

I am an impatient and nosy person by nature which makes it excruciatingly difficult not to comb the internet for spoilers about the finales of my favorite shows. In fact, it makes it impossible. Therefore, for those of you who are as impatient as I am I thought I would share a little bit of what I have uncovered about the Fringe finale.

To begin, let’s review what happened at the end of 3X21 “The Last Sam Weiss.” In the final moments of the episode, Peter fulfilled his destiny by stepping into the machine. With bated breath, we all watched as it closed around his arms and feet, trapping him inside. No one knew what would happen but I doubt any of us was expecting what did happen. We were suddenly transported 15 years into the future, to a world that looks like this…

At first, it wasn’t clear what had just happened (Where’s the machine? Where’s Olivia? What the hell is going on?), then we were shown this memorial placard and the pieces of the puzzle started coming together…

I have been on the message boards and read many opinions about this new plot twist. Some people seem excited but there are also a fair share of viewers who are shaking their fists, rolling their eyes and referencing Lost a lot. As for me, I wasn’t looking in the mirror but I guarantee that there was a HUGE smile on my face the moment I realized… Continue reading

Being Human 1X13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You

14 Apr

Well, after just 13 wonderful episodes, the season one of Being Human is over. Before I recap the final episode, I think it’s important to look back at the first episode and the key events of the season.

1X1 There Goes the Neighborhood Part I

In episode 1, we were introduced to our three main characters, Sally the ghost, Aiden the vampire, and Josh the werewolf.

At the start of the season, Josh and Aiden were already best friends, working together at a local hospital. After a wild night in which Josh woke up next to a butchered deer and Aiden once again fell off the wagon by brutally murdering his date, Aiden implored Josh to become his roommate so they could look out for each other and try their hand at a normal life. Josh was hesitant at first but eventually relented because honestly, who could resist Aiden’s adorable smile? Events didn’t quite go according to plan however… Continue reading

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