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Vampire Diaries 3X05 officially blew my mind

14 Oct

I just finished watching episode 3X05 of Vampire Diaries “The Reckoning.” I won’t recap every detail of the episode for two reasons.

  1. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to stop reading this blog and whatever else you are doing, and watch it…NOW.
  2. Within the hour I am sure 30 other blogs will have an exact play by play hot off the press. (For a full recap visit:

Instead, I am just going to gush about how amazing it was.

Before this episode, the cast and crew repeatedly tweeted about how much of a “game-changer” this episode was going to be and how proud they were. I was excited but I was also a little frustrated because I felt with all the hype, that there was no way the episode could live up to my expectations. Except…it did…TIMES TEN!

At the end of the last episode Stefan, Klaus, and Rebekah arrived in Mystic Falls just as Katherine and Damon headed out of town. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that Stefan was back so soon. Not only was I really enjoying his bromance with Klaus (their words not mine) but also, Damon and Elena’s relationship hadn’t had enough time to progress yet. Nevertheless, there they were, in bright sunny Mystic Falls with Klaus quite ill-tempered after the Ripper’s recent bitch-slap betrayal (with thousands of years of experience, I really think he should have seen that coming).

It was obvious Klaus would quickly discover that Elena was still very much alive but I wasn’t sure what would come next. Clearly he couldn’t kill her (important rule in television, don’t kill off your female lead…otherwise you end up with the disaster that was O.C. season 4). So what could the writers possibly have in store? Continue reading

Vampire Diaries- the last two episodes

3 Jun

I just finished catching up on Vampire Diaries, including the season finale! I’m not sure how I ever managed to fall behind because this show is a-maze-ing.

At first, I was really confused why they chose to end the season with episode 22 instead of episode 21. “The Sun Also Rises” felt like a season finale all in itself and it was far more action-packed and intense than the actual finale. PLUS, the final scene (see below) was…phenomenal, artistic, gorgeous, symbolic- take your pick.

But upon further consideration, it makes sense why they added a 22nd episode. Had they ended with “The Sun Also Rises” the only cliff hanger would have been whether or not Damon would survive the wolf bite, which we all know isn’t really a cliff hanger at all. There is no way they would kill off one of the three main characters. A season finale is required to leave us with unanswered questions so daunting that the prospect of waiting 4 months for the next season makes us claw out our hair. Episode 21 lacked those daunting questions but episode 22 certainly didn’t.

1. Has Stefan really gone to the dark side??

2. What are Klaus’ plans for Stefan?

3. Is Jeremy seeing ghosts or has he just gone insane? If he is seeing ghosts, can he see all ghosts or is his new power limited to dead girlfriends?

4. Will his ability to see Vicki and Anna ruin Jeremy’s relationship with Bonnie (who, in case you’ve forgotten, just admitted she’s in love with him)?

5. Is Alaric going to move in to the Gilbert house and start playing dad to Elena and Jeremy?

6. Now that Elena has finally admitted her feelings for Damon, will they start dating?

7. Am I terrible for wishing Elena would choose Damon over Stefan?

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