Vampire Diaries 3X05 officially blew my mind

14 Oct

I just finished watching episode 3X05 of Vampire Diaries “The Reckoning.” I won’t recap every detail of the episode for two reasons.

  1. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to stop reading this blog and whatever else you are doing, and watch it…NOW.
  2. Within the hour I am sure 30 other blogs will have an exact play by play hot off the press. (For a full recap visit:

Instead, I am just going to gush about how amazing it was.

Before this episode, the cast and crew repeatedly tweeted about how much of a “game-changer” this episode was going to be and how proud they were. I was excited but I was also a little frustrated because I felt with all the hype, that there was no way the episode could live up to my expectations. Except…it did…TIMES TEN!

At the end of the last episode Stefan, Klaus, and Rebekah arrived in Mystic Falls just as Katherine and Damon headed out of town. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that Stefan was back so soon. Not only was I really enjoying his bromance with Klaus (their words not mine) but also, Damon and Elena’s relationship hadn’t had enough time to progress yet. Nevertheless, there they were, in bright sunny Mystic Falls with Klaus quite ill-tempered after the Ripper’s recent bitch-slap betrayal (with thousands of years of experience, I really think he should have seen that coming).

It was obvious Klaus would quickly discover that Elena was still very much alive but I wasn’t sure what would come next. Clearly he couldn’t kill her (important rule in television, don’t kill off your female lead…otherwise you end up with the disaster that was O.C. season 4). So what could the writers possibly have in store? Turns out Elena’s blood is needed to successfully make the transition from Werewolf to Hybrid. BRILLIANT. Not only does this prevent Klaus from ever wanting to kill Elena, but it also makes me really want to shake hands with the original witch. Her plan was genius…Klaus has to kill the Doppelganger to break the curse but without the Doppelganger alive he can’t make more hybrids.  Of course, her plan wasn’t flawless because Elena is still alive and Klaus is well on his way to making a small hybrid army, but it was still quite clever. However, this plot twist was just one reason why “The Reckoning” has me so excited. Here are the other reasons…

  1. Tyler is a hybrid
  2. Matt can see ghosts.
  3. Stefan turned “it” off.
  4. Jeremy got the chance to be useful.
  5. Elena and Damon had one of those mushy moments that leave you smiling and feeling slightly light-headed.

And why is all of this so significant? Here are my predictions:

  1. Now that Elena’s blood is the key to Klaus’ hybrids, the writers will be able to include storylines where Klaus works side by side with Elena, Damon, Bonnie etc. while still being an evil bastard (let’s face it, he wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if he stopped being evil). “Why would he join forces with them?” you may find yourself asking…Well, we all know Elena’s life will inevitably be in danger again because that is a major theme in TVD and when it is…you get my drift, right?
  2. Now that Matt has joined Jeremy in channeling Haley Joel Osment (Say it with me, Matt, “I see dead people”), he can finally have a substantial storyline and be inducted into the group.  Over the last two seasons the principle TVD characters have one by one become a part of the supernatural world and thus found themselves deeply entrenched in the primary ongoing storyline. Bonnie discovered she was a witch, Elena learned she was the Doppelganger, Caroline was turned into a vampire, Tyler became a werewolf and Jeremy was brought back to life with the ability to see his dead vampire girlfriends. All the while Matt has been exiled to TVD fringe, often nothing more than a pawn of everything taking place within the core group. But no longer! Welcome aboard, Matt!
  3. Everything seemed to go smoothly with Tyler’s transition to Hybrid BUT does anyone else remember the other failed Hybrids’ and the way they seemed to have a thirst not only for human blood but also vampire blood in episode 3X02? Could this mean trouble in paradise for Tyler and Caroline? Either way, there is bound to be some sort of fall-out. Nothing is THAT simple in the Vampire Diaries.
  4. With Stefan now 100% lost to Elena, her relationship with Damon can finally evolve. With the prospect of saving Stefan there was no way Damon and Elena could every truly be together. Not because Elena loves Stefan more, but because that would make her as bad as Katherine. Also, the only reason Stefan joined Klaus in the first place was to save his brother. If Damon then proceeded to steal Stefan’s girlfriend after that huge gesture of brotherly love, I’m not sure his character could be redeemed.

And now I leave you with a final question:

Did anyone else notice a few sparks between Bonnie and Matt?

Let me know your thoughts on the episode!


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