Glee 3X05 Say Bye Bye to Kurt’s V-Card

11 Oct

Right now, I should be watching Glee but sadly the show is taking a three week break and will not return until November. In the meantime, I thought I should honor this time by writing a Glee blog post. The next episode to air is 3X04 “Pot o’ Gold” and here is the preview if you haven’t seen it yet:

I’m sure that episode will be terrific and from what I’ve read it will involve Brittany getting a new Irish roommate (who she believes is a leprechaun) and possibly Santana and Brittany finally becoming a couple! BUT that isn’t what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is episode 5 titled “The First Time.”

I’ve wandered around quite a few websites and it looks like 3X05 will be the episode when… two Glee characters lose their virginity. When I first heard that, I thought for sure the two would be Emma and Rachel.  But as it turns out I was wrong. All signs point to Kurt and Rachel exiting the episode minus a v-card (and no they will not be losing their virginity to each other EWW). I’m happy for Rachel but I’m not that excited because, let’s be honest people, a Rachel and Finn hook-up was inevitable perhaps even long past due. No, what I am really looking forward to, what has me on the edge of my seat wishing and praying it would hurry up and be November already!! is Kurt and Blaine. Yes, I have fallen victim to Klaine fanaticism just like most Glee viewers. They are perhaps the cutest couple on television right now. I have to admit, as much as I was hoping Kurt and Blaine would take their relationship to the next level, I never actually believed the writers of Glee would go there. They have handled some pretty controversial topics but I don’t know of many (perhaps any?) prime-time American television shows, especially those with a younger audience, that have featured a gay high-school couple so prominently, let alone covered the topic of sex (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Maybe it’s just me but it seems like a good sign that so many viewers are reacting so positively towards Blaine and Kurt. It feels like progress that one of America’s beloved TV couples is finally a same-sex couple! For all those reasons but even more so, just because they are adorable in every way, I can not wait for “The First Time.”

As I’ve explained in previous posts, I’m nosy and impatient. Therefore, when I “can’t wait” for an episode, I usually start digging around on the internet for as many spoilers as I can possibly find. Based on what I’ve pieced together, I think I can predict the exact narrative of what’s coming. It’s possible I am totally wrong but I just feel like formally making my predictions, so here they are…

Blaine visits Dalton Academy with the intentions of inviting his former Glee club to McKinley’s upcoming performance of West Side Story. When he gets there, they convince him to sing a song with them (Yay, Warblers performances are my favorite!). Enter Sebastian, a new Dalton Warbler who also happens to be gay, Blaine’s replacement as the lead performer for the Warblers (therefore very talented) and totally into Blaine (uh-oh Kurt). Later Kurt and Blaine have a conversation where Kurt implores Blaine to go to a gay-bar with him. At some point he will mention something about how he wants the two of them to be more “spontaneous” (yes based on my predictions he will use that exact word). Blaine relents and later they can be seen using fake IDs to sneak-in. Who will they see at that bar you may ask. None other than Karofsky AND Sebastian. Hey, it’s Lima, Ohio there is probably only one gay bar in the whole town.  Blaine gets drunk while Kurt stays mostly sober but not entirely. I’m not sure what their interactions with Karofsky will be but I bet Sebastian somehow finagles a dance with Blaine. Eventually Kurt and Blaine exit the bar with Kurt helping Blaine to his car. As he tries to get his intoxicated boyfriend into the backseat, Blaine pulls him in and makes his move. Whatever happens will be heated but Kurt will put a stop to it saying it won’t be as special if they’ve been drinking. Seems perfectly reasonable to me but you know how drunk people can be… Blaine gets mad, says he was just trying to be “spontaneous” (there’s that word again) and then storms off. Later in the episode, once Blaine has sobered up and realized his mistake he will apologize to Kurt in some romantic, cute, adorable way and then that is when they will actually have sex.

So there is my prediction and now I guess all we can do is wait to see if I’m right!


2 Responses to “Glee 3X05 Say Bye Bye to Kurt’s V-Card”

  1. karin October 13, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see if u are right!

    • The Unreliable Narrator October 13, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

      Thanks for reading! Just a few more torturous weeks until we find out for sure!

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