The Fringe Season Finale is Coming!

4 May

I am an impatient and nosy person by nature which makes it excruciatingly difficult not to comb the internet for spoilers about the finales of my favorite shows. In fact, it makes it impossible. Therefore, for those of you who are as impatient as I am I thought I would share a little bit of what I have uncovered about the Fringe finale.

To begin, let’s review what happened at the end of 3X21 “The Last Sam Weiss.” In the final moments of the episode, Peter fulfilled his destiny by stepping into the machine. With bated breath, we all watched as it closed around his arms and feet, trapping him inside. No one knew what would happen but I doubt any of us was expecting what did happen. We were suddenly transported 15 years into the future, to a world that looks like this…

At first, it wasn’t clear what had just happened (Where’s the machine? Where’s Olivia? What the hell is going on?), then we were shown this memorial placard and the pieces of the puzzle started coming together…

I have been on the message boards and read many opinions about this new plot twist. Some people seem excited but there are also a fair share of viewers who are shaking their fists, rolling their eyes and referencing Lost a lot. As for me, I wasn’t looking in the mirror but I guarantee that there was a HUGE smile on my face the moment I realized… we were getting a glimpse of the future. As a symptom of my aforementioned impatience and nosiness, I am one of those people who gets halfway through a book and then reads the last chapter because they just can’t carry on without knowing what will happen in the end. Therefore, seeing the future of the Fringe universe is more or less a dream come true. It’s as if the writers are letting me take a peak at the last chapter.

At the end of “The Last Sam Weiss” there was the customary preview of next week’s episode (see below)

but that wasn’t nearly detailed enough to satiate my need for more information, so I did some digging and a few days later, this extended preview showed up online.

While it isn’t as satisfying as watching the entire episode, which is probably the only option that would make me completely happy at this point, it did give me a lot to think about.

1. Astrid’s new hair: I think I liked it better curly but maybe that required too much maintenance when working out in the field.

2. Peter and Olivia are still together! Peter and Olivia are still together!

3. I’ve read some speculation online that this is Ella. What do you think?

4. Will anyone ever love Broyles with that hideous eye?

5. Walter, Walter, Walter what in the world did you do now? Is he the one responsible for whatever happened in 2021? At least it doesn’t appear that Peter is angry with him. Their conversation seems completely pleasant and I noted that Walter said “things must be bad if they are letting you see me,” which means it isn’t by Peter’s choice that he doesn’t visit his father.

6. I made this one bigger because it is important that you can read what it says on his jacket. Notice the first four letters of Peter’s last name (BISH) and look what he is wearing on a very special finger! That’s right people, Peter is married. Since we saw them snuggling in bed, I would assume he is married to Olivia!

7. At first glance, this scene was the most troubling aspect of the trailer because a terrible thought ran through my mind. What if the Olivia we see Peter in bed with, is actually Fauxlivia? What if she is the one he is married to and this is a picture of their happy family? However, upon closer inspection the child has long hair and looks more like a girl than a boy. Could it be that Peter and our Olivia had a little girl together? Or perhaps this picture is of another family entirely and simply meant to mislead.

8. If we’ve destroyed Walternate’s universe, does that mean everyone on the other side is dead? Fauxlivia? Lincoln? Charlie? HENRY?? And if so, how did Walternate manage to survive?

9. Is this how Olivia dies? The episode is called “The Day We Died” after all.

Last but not least, here is a short clip that was posted on the Fox website. It doesn’t reveal much but we do know for certain that Astrid is a field agent now (yay Astrid), Walter’s equipment is in evidence, and they deem it necessary to keep him in chains which can’t be a good sign.


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