Being Human 1X13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You

14 Apr

Well, after just 13 wonderful episodes, the season one of Being Human is over. Before I recap the final episode, I think it’s important to look back at the first episode and the key events of the season.

1X1 There Goes the Neighborhood Part I

In episode 1, we were introduced to our three main characters, Sally the ghost, Aiden the vampire, and Josh the werewolf.

At the start of the season, Josh and Aiden were already best friends, working together at a local hospital. After a wild night in which Josh woke up next to a butchered deer and Aiden once again fell off the wagon by brutally murdering his date, Aiden implored Josh to become his roommate so they could look out for each other and try their hand at a normal life. Josh was hesitant at first but eventually relented because honestly, who could resist Aiden’s adorable smile? Events didn’t quite go according to plan however… when they learned that their new home was haunted by Sally, a previous tenant, exuberant that someone could finally see her.

In this episode we were also introduced to Bishop-Aiden’s maker, Emily-Josh’s sister, and Danny-Sally’s fiance.

1X2 There Goes the Neighborhood Part II

What’s important to remember:

1. We discover Rebecca is still alive and living as a member of the undead.
2. Sally and her new roommates learn that she died by falling down the stairs late one night and hitting her head.
3. We find out Aiden was turned by Bishop during the Revolutionary War.

1X3 Some Thing to Watch Over Me

What’s important to remember:

1. Sally learns how to (pardon my use of an HP term) apparate from one place to another and eventually gains the ability to transport herself outside of the house, a barrier she had previously been unable to cross.
2. We glimpse Aiden’s “Celine” tattoo for the first time.
3. Sally discovers that when a ghost is ready to move on, their door to the next world will appear before them.

1X4 Wouldn’t it Be Nice (If We Were Human)

What’s important to remember:

1. Josh meets fellow werewolf Ray who encourages him to embrace his inner wolf
2. Josh meets Nora and tries but fails miserably (in a really cute, socially awkward way) to ask her out on a date
3. Rebecca tells Aiden she wants help resisting human blood but soon gives up and returns to Bishop
4. Josh and Ray beat the crap out of Marcus and his vampire cronies
5. Bridget (Sally’s best friend) and Danny start dating
6. Sally eventually accepts that Danny is moving on with Bridget and gives the couple her blessing

1X5 The End of the World as We Knew It

What’s important to remember:

1. We find out Bishop is turning influential members of the community into vampires as part of a broader master plan to take over the city
2. Sally finally remembers the events of her death and realizes she was in fact murdered by Danny
3. Josh learns that Ray was the werewolf that turned him and then promptly kicks his ass out-of-town

1X6 It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong

What’s important to remember:

1. Nora and Josh have their first date
2. Rebecca sends Aiden some classy vampire porn
3. Josh’s sister Emily is brutally attacked by that bastard Marcus

1X7 I See Your True Colors and That’s Why I Hate You

What’s important to remember:

1. We find out garlic really does have an adverse effect on vampires
2. Josh goes home for the first time in two years to find that his parents have separated
3. Bridget says goodbye to Sally after coming to the conclusion that Danny killed Sally on accident
4. Josh tells his family the truth about being a werewolf but they prefer to believe he is having a mental breakdown

1X8 Children Shouldn’t Play with Undead Things

What’s important to remember:

1. Aiden meets Bernie, a neighborhood boy who is getting bullied
2. Josh and Nora have sex for the first time (doggy style, naturally)
3. Bernie finds the vampire porn video made by Rebecca causing his mother to forbid Aiden from ever coming near her son again

1X9 I Want You Back (From the Dead)

What’s important to remember:

1. Josh tells Nora he thinks the two of them should “slow things down”
2. Aiden sees Bernie getting bullied but doesn’t step in because of his mother’s directives. Moments later, Bernie is pushed out into the street and hit by a car.
3. Aiden believes Bernie to be dead but soon learns that Rebecca has turned him. The three live as a “family” for a short period of time but believing that Bernie has killed two neighborhood children, Aiden takes him out into the woods and in a heartbreaking seen, stakes him.
4. Sally dates Nick, a fellow ghost she had feelings for back in college but breaks up with him when he refuses to stop reliving his death.
5. Nora admits to being abused by past boyfriends

1X10 Dog Eat Dog

What’s important to remember:

1. The Dutch arrive in Boston
2. It is revealed that 50 years ago, Bishop was in love with a human named Jane, much to the disapproval of Aiden and the Dutch.
3. Josh is kidnapped by the vampires and forced to participate in a “dog fight” for their entertainment
4. Aiden agrees to return to Bishop in exchange for Josh’s freedom
5. Bishop tells Aiden that the Dutch have come to kill him

1X11 Going Dutch

What’s important to remember:

1. Rebecca learns that Marcus is responsible for Bernie’s death
2. Nora reveals that she is pregnant
3. Danny hires a psychic to exorcise Sally from the house
4. Bridget learns the truth about Sally’s death and leaves Danny
5. Bishop poisons the Dutch and then proceeds to behead them one by one, except for Hegeman who Aiden is able to rescue in the nick of time.
6. Rebecca kills Marcus
7. After much pleading from Rebecca, Aiden relents to her wishes and stakes her

1X12 You’re the One that I Haunt

What’s important to remember:

1. Nora has her first ultrasound and the baby is declared healthy but twice as far along as expected
2. Danny turns himself in to the police for attempted arson and Sally’s murder
3. Sally’s door appears
4. We are introduced to Celine, a foxy lady Aiden dated during the disco era
5. Bishop stabs Aiden, missing his heart by mere centimeters

Last night all of these events culminated with episode 13 “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You.” Was I pleased with how the season ended? Not entirely, and here’s why. For 12 episodes we have watched Sally whine, mope, cry, and throw ghostly tantrums, then, towards the close of episode 13 she did something miraculous. She threatened Bishop with a stake. For one brilliant, shining moment I thought to myself “Sally is going to be the one to finish Bishop!” Then she lost grip of the stake and watched as Aiden decapitated him instead. How disappointing… If you remember, at the close of episode one Josh called Sally at home and begged her to find a way, any way, to leave the house and rescue his sister from certain death. It was obvious Sally really wanted to help but instead she stood at the doorway, powerless to leave.  Can you imagine how beautiful it would have been if Sally had redeemed herself in the season finale by killing Bishop? But here I am, getting ahead of myself again.

Episode 13 began with a look at the aftermath of Bishop’s attack. Aiden is laying on a gurney in the secret basement hospital room, struggling to breathe while Sally whispers words of encouragement. Josh and Nora then come bursting in and Josh informs a confused and angry Nora that Aiden doesn’t need doctors or surgery, he just needs a transfusion. The opening scene then transitions to a monologue from Josh accompanied by a look back at how Josh and Aiden first met. I don’t know about you but I loved these flashbacks and the opportunity to learn more about their friendship! These short glimpses of the past carried on throughout the episode and answered quite a few lingering questions. For instance, it never made sense to me why there would be a werewolf and vampire who just happened to work in the same hospital, but as it turns out, Josh was originally working in a diner and only became an orderly after meeting Aiden.

On a side not, for those of you who enjoy the monologues as much as I do, here is what Josh said:

“This shouldn’t have worked, for so many reasons. But for a little while, for this excellent moment in time, it did work, didn’t it? And I felt human, alive. But you were right. The secret breaks things down. It’s like bile, dark, corrosive. It’s a long story and most of it’s unbelievable but it’s time you knew the truth, now that I have nothing left to lose. When I’m gone I at least want you to know what I was. I want you to know who you are to me. Nothing else matters, not anymore.”

When we return to present day, Aiden and Josh convince Sally to finish her journey into the afterlife. During a chilling goodbye, Sally reaches for Aiden’s hand and is actually able to hold it, signaling how close he is to death. Unfortunately (and I do really mean unfortunately), Sally returns to the house to find her door is gone, thus answering one of my questions from last week’s episode (apparently the door will not become a permanent part of the post-fire decor).

A sleepy Josh watches over Aiden all night, stake in hand, until Celine comes to relieve him. Nora then tracks him down in the bathrooms to tell him that she is keeping the baby and that she is done being patient with Josh and his antics. It’s over. Something, in my opinion she should have done ages ago but better late than never I suppose.

When Aiden wakes up, he finds a smiling Celine standing over him, ready to offer up her blood and her life to restore him to full strength. Aiden turns her down but does enlist her help to get him back home again. Meanwhile, one of Bishop’s officers finds him sleeping in the back of his squad car. He points out the remaining burns on Bishop’s face but we still don’t get an explanation for why he burned in the first place, forcing me to submit to the theory that Bishop caught on fire because he didn’t have permission to enter Aiden’s home (thank you Ender).

Back at the house, Josh learns that Sally wasn’t able to cross over and she reveals that she now has the power of touch. Without Aiden there to impart his centuries old vamp wisdom, the two are left wondering if Sally’s new-found ability is a bad sign.

Later on, Bishop arrives at the hospital just in time to see Celine wheeling Aiden out in a wheel chair. Celine flashes her stake at him to show she means business and he lets them be, instead tracking down Josh and asking him to deliver the following message to Aiden.

“He and I are going to end this like the very old, dignified vampires we are. You are going to tell him to meet me at the old garment factory, eight-o-clock tomorrow night.”

Here was the translation from Josh:

“He wants to men…like vampire men.”

Despite his weakened state, Aiden is prepared to fight Bishop but Sally and Josh devise a different plan. After all, the full moon is just a day away. They tell Bishop a new meeting location with the intentions of locking him in the hospital basement with a transformed Josh who, with any luck will rip Bishop to shreds and be the monster left standing when morning comes. Aiden, knowing nothing of his roommates’ scheme, sits with Celine in her hospital room while she recounts the story of what really happened 40 years ago, when they were supposed to runaway together. After a long talk, Aiden finally gives in to Celine’s wishes and drinks her blood in order to heal himself.

The night of the big showdown inevitably arrives and our three main characters are seen sitting around the kitchen table enjoying one last meal together. In an attempt to relieve the tension, they discuss the future but the awkward silences and long looks tell us no one actually expects that future will come to pass. As eight-o-clock draws nearer, Josh and Aiden have a heartbreaking conversation in which Josh gives Aiden his Star of David and wishes him good luck. Then, when Josh isn’t looking, Aiden exchanges a smile with Sally and carefully sets the necklace on the kitchen shelf for Josh to find later. Clearly, he doesn’t expect to return.

As Josh makes his way towards the hospital, Nora finds an envelope attached to her clipboard. It is a letter from Josh, apologizing and finally revealing his secret. But of course, Nora doesn’t read to the end because if she did she probably wouldn’t have followed Josh when she saw him quietly slip down into the basement. Our werewolf hero starts stripping down in preparation for the transformation and his duel with Bishop when Sally does something unexpected. She locks Josh alone in the room and leaves. As it turns out, Aiden really did know about their plan and convinced Sally that Josh shouldn’t fight, not because he would have lost, but because Josh has a kind soul and isn’t meant to be a killer (I’m starting to think Aiden and Josh are almost as adorable as Sam and Dean from Supernatural). But of course, Josh doesn’t stay locked in the room for long because who should come along just as he is starting to change? That’s right, Nora. Josh looks up at her in horror and then musters all of the control he has to force her from the room before the change is complete. From outside, Nora watches Josh’s transformation in terror until she suddenly doubles over in intense pain. Just before the scene switches to Aiden and Bishop, we see Josh watching Nora from the crack beneath the door as she lays bleeding and helpless on the cold concrete floor, most likely having a miscarriage.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for: Bishop’s death. As discussed earlier, the one to finally kill Bishop, is Aiden. They face off in what is ultimately a fairly anti-climactic fight considering all the work the writers did to build it up. There is one brief moment where it looks like Aiden is down for the count but overall he seemed to defeat Bishop fairly quickly and easily.

With Bishop gone the episode returns its focus to Nora and Josh. It is now morning and they are sitting in Nora’s apartment. “If I had known this would happen,” Josh says shaking his head. “I thought the baby was okay.” Their conversation doesn’t make it entirely clear whether Nora did in fact have a miscarriage but that would be my guess. Nora then asks Josh a series of questions about his condition that at first appear to be purely out of concern for him. Then Josh leaves and she lifts the sleeve of her sweater to reveal a set of claw marks running down her arm. As it turns out, Josh scratched her during his attempt to force her from the room the night before. Does this scratch mean Nora is now a wolf too or does the curse only transfer if you are attacked by a fully transformed werewolf? I guess we will have to wait until next season to find out!

As the episode draws to a close, Aiden, Sally and Josh all sit around their charred and empty living room discussing the events of the previous night when a knock at the door disrupts their happy reunion. It’s Hegeman, standing on Aiden’s doorstep to deliver a message. “She” is ready to meet him and apparently whoever “she” is, you don’t say no to her.

And that’s where it ends.

With the season over these are the questions I am left with:

1. Did Nora have a miscarriage?

2. Will Nora turn into a wolf at the next full moon?

3. Is Sally’s door gone forever?

4. Did Aiden completely drain Celine?

5. What will Aiden do now that he has been given control of Boston?

6. Who is this ominous “she” that Hegeman and Aiden were discussing?

7. Will anything interesting or of value ever happen to Sally’s character?


One Response to “Being Human 1X13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

  1. Libby April 18, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    You’ve got to watch the BBC version. It’s like 10x better! Everything makes MUCH more sense. They’ve actually changed quite a bit of the plot points around in the US version so it actually makes LESS sense. Such as in the BBC version, Nora (Nina) doesn’t get pregnant until after she’s been scratched. And it’s Josh (George) that kills Bishop not Aiden. There’s a whole lot that’s not going to work since Josh didn’t kill Bishop. What ev, the US always thinks it can improve things when it adopts TV shows. But seriously not in the case of this show. If you check out the BBC version, be sure to notice that Sally is not as remotely LAME as she is in the US version. Sally rocks in the BBC version!

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