My Weekend Viewing

12 Apr

I am going to do something strange and discuss Hot Tub Time Machine and The Virgin Suicides in the same post because I watched them both on Sunday.

Hot Tub Time Machine:

This movie is a comedy, so generally I wouldn’t be caught dead watching it. I am not a fan of comedies (except for romantic comedies which I really consider to be a completely separate genre). However, when I saw that this movie was available for instant watch on Netflix I was faced with a dilemma because I really love movies about time travel. Ultimately, I weighed the pros and cons, then, despite my better judgement, decided to give it a chance. The verdict? It was okay… Actually, that’s not true. It was ridiculous, littered with the exact kind of raunchy, vulgar humor I hate, and overall completely unintelligent. BUT it did feature Dale from Greek and I was really missing my CRU buddies since the show recently had it series finale. So when I say “it was okay,” what I’m really saying is…it was watchable.

For those of you still interested in learning more about this movie here is a short summary… Three long time friends plus one tag-along nephew travel back in time to the 1980’s thanks to the magical combination of a broken hot tub and an illegal Russian energy drink. They are then given the opportunity to relive WinterFest ’86, a monumental weekend in all of their lives (for Jacob, the nephew, it is the weekend he was mysteriously concieved). While they originally pledge not to change anything in the past for fear of negatively effecting the future, the three friends eventually abandon the plan (to the great frustration of Jacob) and what follows is exactly what you would expect to follow. They all learn valuable lessons about life and friendship while getting into fights with the local ski patrol and having a lot of sex. The movie is 100% predictable and cliche, culminating with a “Luke, I am your father” moment that anyone can see coming a mile away.

At this point you might be asking, “Was there anything redeeming about this movie other than the presence of Dale Kettlewell?” Well, John Cusack did get stabbed in the eye with a mini fork, a very old Chevy Chase did cleverly diguise himself as the hot tub repairman (somehow I never noticed this until I was reading the names on the above movie poster) and there was this scene:

Finally, for those of you who love a happy ending (and I mean the kind of ending where everything works our for absolutely everyone and Google is renamed Louggle) then I suppose the answer to your question is yes.

The Virgin Suicides

I want to preface this by saying, this post is not about the book The Virgin Suicides, which I have never read. This post is about the movie adaptation, and the movie was terrible. I am all for art and film and film being art and so on and so forth but this movie had no plot. This movie was a concept, an idea, an interesting thought and that is all.

Don’t get me wrong, The Virgin Suicides had all the makings of a great movie. Not only did it include overly religious parents who take their children out of school and lock them away in an attempt to protect their innocence but it also had an excellent opening scene in which a 13 year old girl is pulled from a bathtub full of blood having just attempted suicide. The problem is, the movie never went anywhere, and while it was in the process of going nowhere, it completely failed to make me feel any emotional attachment to its characters. Ultimately, the movie ended with the remaining four sisters committing suicide (this really isn’t a spoiler because the narrator tells you, at the opening of the movie, that they are going to die) and you know what I felt? Nothing.

I could give you a run-down of the “plot” but really, what would be the point? If you know the title of the movie, then you know just as much about it as I do having actually sat through all 97 minutes of it.


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