Being Human 1×12 “You’re the One that I Haunt”

11 Apr

I will admit that Being Human has taken me by surprise. Despite noble intentions, SyFy’s original series tend to be disappointing, notably in the area of special effects, which I blame entirely on what I am sure is a very low budget.  The first season of Being Human, however, has been highly entertaining and what I would consider quality television. Very rarely during the first season have I winced in embarrassment due to cheesy lines or raised an eyebrow at questionable plot choices, and the special effects, particularly when we saw Josh go full on wolf-man, were dare I say it, impressive. Of course, a great deal of credit has to be given to the BBC considering this show is a remake of the UK’s Being Human, but I am still willing to praise SyFy for finally getting my attention.

So, on this week’s episode of Being Human, we witness the aftermath of Danny’s botched exorcism, Nora has her first ultrasound, Sally finally finds closure, and best of all we get a peek at what Aiden was up to in the 70’s, which was made all the more entertaining by the Aviators (did anyone else notice it was cloudy and snowing?) and out-of-control sideburns. But before we cover any of these story lines in detail or talk about the final scene, I want to discuss Sally’s opening monologue… If you make a habit of watching Being Human then you have undoubtedly noticed that each episode begins with a monologue. This week’s is recited by Sally, accompanied by an eerie ringing, as the camera pans around Bishop’s lair, now abandoned and destroyed.

“Right before a big storm, I used to go with my dad to the harbor, to look at the clouds, feel the air. There’s an eerie stillness before the sky cracks open, a hush. You can feel the storm gathering, smell the flood on its way.

When you know you’re going to die a violent death, when that is the only way you can die, it’s all about the waiting for that final storm. If the waiting doesn’t kill you first.”

Sally is probably my least favorite character, due to her incessant whining, but that monologue certainly had my attention. What is more interesting is that it really matches the tone of the entire episode which, until the final scene, is much calmer than more recent episodes. Anyway, moving on.

First let’s talk about the were-baby situation because people don’t seem very pleased about this development. This week Nora informs Josh (and us) that her levels are off the charts and she is already experiencing morning sickness. Later, they go to their first ultrasound, where the two are told that the baby is completely healthy but twice as far along as Nora and Josh originally thought. Now it could be that this really is a were-baby and that Nora will move in with Josh and monster family parenting drama will ensue, in which case I will be angry alongside everyone else.  But I just don’t think that’s where this is headed. It is TOO ridiculous and far too early to be playing the pregnancy card. I have faith that they will surprise us with a more fitting plot twist.

Now that you have heard my opinion on the were-baby can we please talk about Aiden? As the episode opened, what immediately struck me, other than how hideous Sally looked, was that Aiden did not seem even slightly distraught about having just staked Rebecca. I happened to really like Rebecca, so Aiden’s lack of remorse followed by the immediate introduction of new/old love interest, Celine was very bothersome. The result? I failed to feel any emotional attachment towards this new story line, and I was forced to ask the question, aside from Josh, has Aiden ever really loved anyone?

After the episode opens with a very paranoid Aiden arming Josh with a backpack full of stakes and completely dismissing Rebecca’s death (can you tell I’m bitter?) we learn that during the 1970’s, Aiden had obscenely long sideburns and was shacking up with a girl named Celine (Yes, this is that same Celine that is tattooed to his chest. No, it doesn’t seem feasible that a vampire could get a tattoo). Everything was going quite well until Bishop showed up and summoned Aiden back to Boston. Now, I know I am supposed to hate Bishop for what he did next (kidnapping Celine and feeding off of her while she was unconscious, then threatening to kill her entire family if she didn’t abandon her relationship with Aiden) I know, I know I should hate him but honestly, watching him torture a young Celine I empathized with him. Why should Aiden find love when just 20 years earlier he mocked Bishop’s relationship with Jane and ultimately played a hand in Bishop’s decision to kill her? It might also be that I empathize with him because he played Lucifer in Supernatural, another of my favorite shows.

Last but not least, I suppose I am forced to discuss the Sally story line especially considering the Danny situation FINALLY saw some closure. At the beginning of the episode Sally looked like something out of The Grudge (to quote Josh) but our young hairy hero managed to make it rather comical as he backed his way out the front door telling a non-responsive Sally to take a “me day.”

She then zapped her way to Danny’s bathroom where he was shaving and attempted to slit his throat. Upon exacting her revenge, she regained her flawless complexion and cheerful smile. But of course Danny couldn’t leave well enough alone and tried to burn down the house in order to exorcise Sally’s spirit once and for all. Luckily Josh and Aiden save the day and Aiden finally throws Danny into a wall which I have been waiting for him to do for the last 8 episodes. Although we are denied the enjoyment of watching Aiden rip Danny’s throat out we did at least see Danny turn himself in to the police.

And now, what you have all been waiting for…the final scene! As Aiden, Josh, and Sally cheers to their future couch (their old one was scorched in the fire), what should appear in the middle of the room? Sally’s door! Now we all know that she isn’t going to go through that door because without Sally the ghost, Being Human is actually just…Twilight. And as expected, just as Sally is reaching for the doorknob, Bishop comes crashing through the window in a craze and stakes Aiden in the chest before exiting back out into the street. And so, the episode ends with Aiden lying in a puddle of his own pooling blood as Josh shouts his name repeatedly.

As I impatiently wait for the season finale which airs tonight, these are the questions I am left with:

1. Is the were-baby in fact a were-baby or even Josh’s baby at all?

2. Why was Bishop on fire when he came crashing through the window?

3. What will happen to Sally’s door? Will it linger there until Sally is ready to move on or will it disappear for the next four seasons?


One Response to “Being Human 1×12 “You’re the One that I Haunt””

  1. ender April 12, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    to answer your question “Why was Bishop on fire when he came crashing through the window?”

    1. In vampire legends a vampire can only enter someones house with permission. from what i can gather, the house in which Aiden, josh ,and sally live is protected by this fact.
    2. if you want to think back to Danny’s attempted exorcism of sally, the lady had used spells to keep sally in the house which in turn could also be why bishop burst into flames.

    just a thought. but the first one is more then likely true. this is just a thought not fact.

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