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Fringe 3X19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

22 Apr

 A new episode of Fringe is on tonight! For all of you who missed last week’s episode here is a short review…

Tripping on massive amounts of LSD, Peter, Walter and Bell traveled into Olivia’s mind with the intention of rescuing her from the depths of her own sub-conscious. Once inside, they were greeted by a hostile cityscape inhabited by the manifestations of Olivia’s deepest fears. Among those present were Nina Sharpe and her robotic arm, Brandon (assumedly the one from the altverse), and Olivia’s abusive step father. Realizing that Olivia is not lost within her own mind but rather hiding from these manifestations, Continue reading

Twilight Saga: Cheesiest Moments

16 Apr

I was an English major in college. I can distinguish the difference between quality literature and modern pop-culture trash for the masses, but I still love Twilight. I love the books and I love the movie adaptations. I am one of those twenty-somethings you see mingled in with the screaming tween twi-hards, waiting in line for hours to attend the midnight showings and I am not ashamed. But my fierce love for the Edward-Bella saga doesn’t mean I have failed to  recognize that the movies (and books) are riddled with cheesy moments.  This post is to commemorate the cheesiest of the cheese… Continue reading

Being Human 1X13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You

14 Apr

Well, after just 13 wonderful episodes, the season one of Being Human is over. Before I recap the final episode, I think it’s important to look back at the first episode and the key events of the season.

1X1 There Goes the Neighborhood Part I

In episode 1, we were introduced to our three main characters, Sally the ghost, Aiden the vampire, and Josh the werewolf.

At the start of the season, Josh and Aiden were already best friends, working together at a local hospital. After a wild night in which Josh woke up next to a butchered deer and Aiden once again fell off the wagon by brutally murdering his date, Aiden implored Josh to become his roommate so they could look out for each other and try their hand at a normal life. Josh was hesitant at first but eventually relented because honestly, who could resist Aiden’s adorable smile? Events didn’t quite go according to plan however… Continue reading

My Weekend Viewing

12 Apr

I am going to do something strange and discuss Hot Tub Time Machine and The Virgin Suicides in the same post because I watched them both on Sunday.

Hot Tub Time Machine:

This movie is a comedy, so generally I wouldn’t be caught dead watching it. I am not a fan of comedies (except for romantic comedies which I really consider to be a completely separate genre). However, when I saw that this movie was available for instant watch on Netflix I was faced with a dilemma because I really love movies about time travel. Ultimately, I weighed the pros and cons, then, despite my better judgement, decided to give it a chance. The verdict? It was okay… Actually, that’s not true. It was ridiculous, littered with the exact kind of raunchy, vulgar humor I hate, and overall completely unintelligent. BUT it did feature Dale from Greek and I was really missing my CRU buddies since the show recently had it series finale. So when I say “it was okay,” what I’m really saying is…it was watchable.

For those of you still interested in learning more about this movie here is a short summary… Continue reading

Being Human 1×12 “You’re the One that I Haunt”

11 Apr

I will admit that Being Human has taken me by surprise. Despite noble intentions, SyFy’s original series tend to be disappointing, notably in the area of special effects, which I blame entirely on what I am sure is a very low budget.  The first season of Being Human, however, has been highly entertaining and what I would consider quality television. Very rarely during the first season have I winced in embarrassment due to cheesy lines or raised an eyebrow at questionable plot choices, and the special effects, particularly when we saw Josh go full on wolf-man, were dare I say it, impressive. Of course, a great deal of credit has to be given to the BBC considering this show is a remake of the UK’s Being Human, but I am still willing to praise SyFy for finally getting my attention.

So, on this week’s episode of Being Human, we witness the aftermath of Danny’s botched exorcism, Nora has her first ultrasound, Sally finally finds closure, and best of all we get a peek at what Aiden was up to in the 70’s, which was made all the more entertaining by the Aviators (did anyone else notice it was cloudy and snowing?) and out-of-control sideburns. But before we cover any of these story lines in detail or talk about the final scene, I want to discuss Sally’s opening monologue… Continue reading

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